The Southington Police Department K9 Unit consists of Canine Handler Sergeant Stephen Salerno and his K-9 Officer Lou, Canine Handler Officer Melvin Emond and his K-9 Officer Kira, and Canine Handler Officer Neal Ayotte and his K-9 Officer Tank. All Handlers and Canines are certified as “dual purpose” units. This means the K-9’s duties include, but are not limited to: apprehending suspects wanted by police, protecting the handler or fellow police officers, tracking missing persons, detecting narcotics, searching areas and buildings, and recovering articles of evidence. All handlers and units are certified through the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) as well as the Connecticut Police Work Dog Association (C.P.W.D.A.)

Sergeant Stephen Salerno, #349
K9 Lou

Officer Melvin Emond, #363
K9 Kira

Officer Neal Ayotte, #393
K9 Tank

Retired K9s

K9 Roy

K9 Gaston

K9 Arno

K9 Damon

Retired K9 Handlers

  • Officer John Mahon, #344
  • ~K9 Gaston (2001-2010)
    ~K9 Arno (2011-2019)
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