Southington Police Department
Investigation Division

The Investigations Section is responsible for follow up investigation of major crimes occurring in Southington. It includes two (2) units organized to provide specialized police services; the Detective Bureau and the Special Investigations Unit. Detectives with specialized training are assigned to each unit, allowing for expertise in different types of investigations required to bring criminal cases to a successful outcome. Detectives in both units undergo extensive training in various advanced investigative methods and techniques at both state and federal institutions. Courses include fingerprinting, interrogation techniques, crime scene analysis, and advanced classes in specialties such as crime scene photography and videography.

The Detective Bureau is assigned cases that require specialized investigative procedures and techniques. This includes investigations of homicides, crimes against persons and property, arson, fraud and many other criminal cases that are complex and long-term. Detectives engage in various forms of surveillance and are responsible for serving warrants and making criminal arrests.

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