It is the responsibility of the Southington Police Department’s Accident Investigation Team to thoroughly investigate all serious/fatal motor vehicle collisions by use of specially trained officers assigned to the team.

The current team consists of eleven (11) active members and three (3) associate members, who are all highly trained and skilled in the investigative procedures for serious or fatal motor vehicle crashes. The team is activated by the Shift Commander when a serious or fatal crash occurs. The team has specialized members who are trained in laser crime scene mapping, crime scene photography, evidence collection, drug recognition and mathematics, along with DUI, pedestrian and motorcycle investigation specialists. When a crash scene is turned over to the AIT, a primary investigator is assigned and the lead supervisor delegates responsibilities to team members in their respective roles. A standard time frame to complete an investigation by the AIT could take up to 6 months. All facts and circumstances are taken into consideration for contributing factors, which leads to a proper resolution, enforcement and conclusion. This is extremely important as it is helpful to create closure for the families of the victim(s).

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